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Selling product on-line allows your business to achieve a just about limitless audience, however targeting the proper leads and changing them into customers isn’t forever straightforward.

CPA selling, short for price per action selling, could be a style of affiliate selling utilized by businesses of all sizes to scale their selling efforts and reach a wider audience.

This involves partnering with associate degree influencer, blogger or publisher WHO promotes your product in exchange for a commission fee. The affiliate receives a commission once a client purchases a product through the affiliate’s selling efforts.

For example, the affiliate may write a review, show a banner ad on their web site or post a video on social media promoting the advertiser’s product.

Unlike different styles of digital selling techniques like price per click (CPC) wherever you pay to advertise your whole with no guarantee of a buying deal, accountant selling solely needs you to pay when the sale happens.

If the client requests a refund, you'll be able to recoup any payouts created to the publisher.

Under this arrangement, the publisher assumes additional risk than the adman as a result of their earning potential depends on their ability to draw in and convert web site traffic into paying customers.

The accountant selling Model

The accountant selling model is associate degree advertising model that consists of a publisher (affiliate), a business (advertiser) and a accountant network (a platform that brings along affiliates WHO need to earn commissions by promoting product and businesses that need their product promoted).

Advertisers usually use a accountant network to seek out the simplest affiliate to advertise their product — usually a publisher or influencer WHO creates connected content and has a longtime audience.

For example, a travel blogger may specialise in commercial enterprise content concerning cooking hotspots via WordPress. associate degree app developer may supply a mobile app that lets users notice and review restaurants, which might attractiveness to the travel blogger’s audience.

The accountant network helps match affiliates and advertisers so influencers will endorse product they genuinely like whereas earning a commission for every sale. Meanwhile, businesses will reach a client base they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

CPA affiliate selling makes use of application cookies to attribute client actions to a particular affiliate link or referral supply so publishers will earn a commission for any sales they helped generate.

Affiliate or publisher.

An affiliate is sometimes associate degree influencer, publisher or content creator WHO runs a diary, web site or whole with a inbuilt audience. Affiliates partner with advertisers to drive traffic to the advertiser’s ecommerce website.

Business or adman.

The business or adman could be a whole that seeks to drive quality traffic to their ecommerce website associate degreed increase sales by partnering with an affiliate WHO will promote their product.

CPA network.

A accountant network could be a passage between associate degree adman and publisher — usually an organization whose main purpose is to vet qualified publishers and facilitate advertisers notice offers from publishers that ar possibly to get leads.

CPA networks conjointly manage relationships between advertisers and publishers and ar usually liable for handling payments.

3 classes of accountant selling

Pay per sale.

The adman pays the publisher a share of the product’s sale worth when a client purchases associate degree item as a results of the affiliate’s selling methods. The publisher solely receives a commission if a buying deal is created.

Pay per action.

The publisher receives a commission once a client takes a particular action, like visiting the advertiser’s web site and subscribing to a newssheet, or language up for a shot.

Recurring payments.

Many affiliate programs pay a one-time commission once a client makes a purchase; but, a continual payments affiliate model ensures the publisher receives payment on every occasion that client makes a repeat purchase.

CPA Network nomenclature

To get started with affiliate selling, you wish to be aware of basic nomenclature and key metrics thus you'll be able to live the success of your campaigns:

Affiliate Agreement: A contract stating the terms of the affiliate relationship between the adman and publisher. The agreement specifies every party’s responsibilities and therefore the commission a publisher receives within the event of a buying deal (typically a hard and fast share of the sale price).

Above the fold: Content on an internet site that's visible with no need to scroll down. owing to its high visibility, “above the fold” is taken into account the foremost fascinating (and expensive) spot for putting advertisements.

Chargeback: once a commission is subtracted as a result of a buying deal fell through (i.e. the item was came back or the client requested a refund).

Commission: A share of the sale worth of a product that's paid to the affiliate for associate degree attributed conversion.

Cookies: Cookies enable advertisers to trace that affiliate deserves credit for a buying deal. Cookies assign every web site traveler a singular symbol and track actions they strive against the web site, like clicking associate degree affiliate link.

Contextual link: A text link placed among associate degree affiliate web site that leads back to the advertiser’s web site.

Conversion rate: the share rate of web site guests that grow to be customers divided by the entire traffic.

Cost Per Action (CPA): the price of advertising divided by the quantity of actions taken. as an example, if a business spends $150 on a campaign and there ar ten actions related to that campaign, the price per action is $15.

Cost Per Lead (CPL): the number of cash it takes to get a brand new prospective client for your sales team. Say you pay $1000 on a PPC campaign and ten users convert into leads, then your CPL is $100.

Earnings Per Click (EPC): the typical quantity of cash you earn on every occasion somebody clicks one amongst your affiliate links. Calculated as total earnings over amount “x” divided by the quantity of clicks over amount “x.”

Return on Investment (ROI): The profit generated from associate degree affiliate campaign divided by the ad pay, increased by a hundred.

CPA selling Best Practices

To make the foremost of your accountant selling campaign, notice associate degree affiliate manager with whom you have got a decent relationship. Also, selecting the proper supply and accountant network ar key to achieving high returns.

Form bonds with affiliate managers.

An affiliate manager oversees associate degree affiliate program on your behalf. They notice affiliate partners that fit your needs and negociate affiliate agreements with publishers.

Find associate degree affiliate manager WHO can assist you build a positive relationship along with your affiliate partners so that they can still promote your product. Some affiliate managers conjointly give inventive input to assist affiliate partners produce the foremost relevant content.

Avoid shady networks.

Affiliate fraud happens once affiliates by artificial means inflate engagement metrics (eg: clicks or traffic) to earn higher commissions. Pop-ups, spam or victimization bots to flood an internet site with traffic ar samples of unscrupulous activities undertaken by shady affiliates.

Some affiliates merely publish low-quality content that will your whole name additional damage than sensible. opt for a high-quality accountant network that incorporates a strict vetting method for publishers and offers fraud hindrance services.

Join a accountant network.

As a beginner or newcomer to on-line selling, connection a accountant network allows you to decide on a accountant supply and begin receiving referral traffic from affiliate sites. opt for a network that provides a strong dashboard to trace necessary metrics and money data.

Another necessary issue to seem for could be a solid list of offers from a variety of good publishers within the verticals you’d wish to target.

A good accountant network updates its offers frequently, thus you must have a protracted list of offers to decide on from at any given time. Some networks conjointly give creatives like landing pages, banners and counseled ad copy, that makes it straightforward to start out a campaign.

Also, check the network’s vetting method for publishers. If the platform is just too lax, they'll be acceptive subpar publishers.

Implement traffic methods.

Now that you’ve found a proposal and joined a network, you want to drive traffic to your website. the foremost common ways embrace SEO, email selling, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, native ads, Google ads and social media.

Consider the accountant selling payment system.

To set up payments for affiliate commissions, you’ll have to be compelled to choose a payment processor and payment structure. as an example, can you pay affiliates on a continual sale, pay per action or pay per sale basis?

Many accountant selling payment processors supply chargeback protection (a money-back guarantee within the event a client backs out of a sale) and fraud hindrance. A payment processor conjointly enables you to track and manage your accountant selling expenses from one dashboard.

Benefits of accountant selling

CPA selling works as a result of it affords advertisers access to a broad audience whereas increasing come back on ad pay (ROAS).

Integrated advertising.

By partnering with publishers, you'll be able to build product awareness with a wider audience. Content creators and influencers tend to possess audiences that trust them, thus promoting your product on their website helps build whole awareness and name.

High ROI.

CPA selling is cheap as a result of you merely pay a commission if a buying deal is created, that creates a high come back on investment. Commissions are often a flat rate or a share of the sale worth.

Low risk.

CPA selling could be a low-risk kind of affiliate selling as a result of you merely pay after you receive a conversion. This ensures associate degreey referrals you receive generate price whereas immensely reducing the probabilities of an affiliate gambling the system to by artificial means inflate clicks or web site traffic.

Easy to use.

A accountant selling campaign is straightforward to line up — merely opt for a accountant network and a proposal to urge started — with an occasional direct price. you'll be able to appoint associate degree affiliate manager to barter affiliate agreements on your behalf and have commissions paid mechanically by your chosen payment processor.

Top accountant Affiliate Networks

CPA affiliate networks act as a passage for advertisers and affiliates to create dependent partnerships. the simplest accountant networks have thousands of vetted affiliates, a large list of various offers to decide on from, fraud hindrance services and customizable dashboards for following campaign metrics.


MaxBounty was named theNo. one accountant Network in 2021 by OfferVault, and counts household-name brands like Apple, Microsoft and yank categorical as shoppers.

The platform offers associate degree Advertising following Interface to access careful following reports to watch progress and optimize campaign performance.

Panthera Network.

Specializing in performance advertising, Panthera Network offers access to thousands of top-tier publishers and may SPAM-compliant email marketers. Affiliates will market offers during a sort of mediums together with banner ads, email, mobile ads, pop-ups, search and social media.

Panthera conjointly incorporates a strict screening method for publishers to attenuate the probabilities of advertising fraud.

Clickbooth (now Perform[cb])

Voted the No. one accountant Network Worldwide for 6 years during a row by mThink and a prime User Acquisition Company by Business of Apps, Perform[cb] could be a one-stop answer for accountant selling. supported as Clickbooth in 2002, Perform[cb] claims to possess the strictest compliance and whole protection standards within the trade.


PeerFly lists quite a pair of,000 live offers to decide on from at any given time and charges no monthly fees. per the web site, PeerFly works with over seventy five,000 active publishers in a hundred sixty five countries and works with brands like Uber, Target, Fiverr and McAfee.

Unlike different affiliate networks, the software package is customized for every adman, thus you'll be able to add any options you would like. whereas PeerFly was supported in 2009, it's remained atiny low company, thus each adman incorporates a dedicated rep to manage their account on a daily.


W4 manages accountant, CPC and CPM campaigns with qualifying publishers. the corporate will its own internal campaign testing to make sure performance and yield whereas providing track and news options for users.

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