S S C Exam English Subject Assignment 2022


Class: S S C 2022 (Old 10)

Subject Code: 107

Subject: English

Assignment No: 13th Week 2022

Assignment Title: Make a fact file on the adverse environmental change in your impacts of the locality.

Number of assignments: paper 1 assignment 4 instructions: Fact File: A collection of information about a particular subject or product

To write the assignment students will

1. Environmental changes present some pictures of adverse impacts on the locality.

2. explain the reasons for these environmental changes.

3. analyze the impact of these. changes e g how these changes are affecting people's life and ecology.

4. how to prevent these adversities.

1. Presenting some pictures of the adverse impact of environmental change in my own locality.

The images are an example of our changing environment.

2. The causes of climate change are given below: One of the main causes of climate change is human unconsciousness. It can be said that due to natural calamities some times of the year our environment becomes like this. Factory waste washing and even traffic jams make our environment very bad. This is why we are always tired. Earth's atmosphere acts a bit like the glass in a greenhouse trapping the sun's heat and stopping it from leaking back into space and causing The main driver of climate change is the greenhouse effect. Some gases in global warming.

1. carbon dioxide (Co2)

2. methane

3. nitrous oxide

4. fluorinated gases

That has been locked away in the ground for thousands of years. We produce greenhouse gases in lots of different ways: Burning fossil fuels such as oil gas and coal contain carbon dioxide years.

Not only that, cutting trees down means that carbon dioxide builds up quicker since there are no trees to absorb it. when we burn them Deforestation and storing carbon dioxide from the release of the carbon they stored Forests.

Agriculture:  into the air which is of greenhouse gases 30 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. The nitrous than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse animal releases many different types of Plants crops and rearing gas. The nitrous oxide used for fertilizers is ten times worse and is nearly For example animals 300 times more potent produce methane than carbon dioxide.

3. UN panel on climate change in Bangladesh is one of has warned that immediate action could affect the livelihoods of many people around the world. The threat to the livelihood of millions According to the report human health along the coast of Bangladesh has come, and housing and food will be threatened by climate change. Scientists at the UN's IPCC say the impact of climate change which up in various reports. they saw in the report in 2006 has doubled IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri says the matter is serious of people most threatened countries etc.

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