BAD news for Students' and Dependents' visa


The US government has recently announced a new policy that could be bad news for students and dependents who are on visas. Under the new policy, their visas could be shortened if they attend schools that offer only online courses. This means that if the school they attend switches to online-only classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their visas may be shortened and they may have to leave the country. The policy change has sparked concern and confusion among international students and their families, who are now unsure of how to proceed with their academic plans. It remains to be seen how this will affect the international student population in the US, but it is sure to have significant consequences for those affected.

Recent changes in visa regulations have brought bad news for students and dependents seeking to study or reside in certain countries. The new rules have made it harder for applicants to obtain visas, with stricter requirements and increased scrutiny of their financial and personal backgrounds. This has caused significant concern among those hoping to pursue educational opportunities or join family members abroad, as the process has become more time-consuming, complex, and uncertain. Despite these challenges, many are still determined to navigate the visa application process and pursue their dreams, but they will need to be prepared to overcome significant hurdles in order to do so.

BAD news for Students' and Dependents' visa

The US government has recently announced some bad news for those holding a Student or Dependents visa. International students and their dependents will be required to leave the country if their schools switch to online-only classes due to the ongoing pandemic. This decision has put many students in a difficult situation, as they may not have the means or ability to return to their home countries. Additionally, many dependents may have to separate from their families if they cannot accompany them back to their home countries. This news has caused anxiety and uncertainty among those affected, as they struggle to figure out their next steps and navigate the complicated visa process.

The recent announcement from the US government regarding the suspension of issuing new visas for students and dependents has come as a huge blow. This decision has left many students and dependent visa holders in a state of uncertainty and distress. The suspension is expected to last until the end of the year, causing significant disruption to the education and lives of many individuals. While the government has stated that the suspension is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on those affected is undeniable. It is a difficult and challenging time, and we hope that a resolution can be found for those impacted by this unfortunate news.

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