Apple announces entry-level Apple Pencil with USB-C charging


Apple has introduced a more affordable Apple Pencil with USB-C compatibility. Priced at $79, this iPad accessory features a sliding cap that unveils the USB-C port and can magnetically attach to the side of various iPad models, including the 10th-generation version released by Apple last year.

Apple announces entry-level Apple Pencil with USB-C charging

The reduced price tag of this Pencil means that it lacks some of the advanced functionalities found in the first and second-generation versions. Notably, it does not support features such as pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing, and charging, or the convenient double-tap function for switching between tools. However, it still supports hover functionality when used with M2 models of the iPad Pro.

The original Apple Pencil employed a protruding Lightning connector for charging, while its successor introduced wireless charging and was incompatible with the 10th-generation iPad. This discrepancy left owners of that specific iPad model with limited options for utilizing the Apple Pencil. Consequently, the landscape of iPad accessories became somewhat perplexing.

The USB-C Apple Pencil is compatible with various iPad models, including the 12.9-inch iPad Pro generations 3 to 6, 11-inch iPad Pro generations 1 to 4, iPad Air generations 4 and 5, the 10th-generation iPad, and the 6th-generation iPad Mini. It will be available for purchase starting in early November.

In 2018, Apple unveiled the second iteration of the Apple Pencil, aptly named Apple Pencil 2. This upgraded version significantly improved upon its predecessor, boasting features such as wireless charging, magnetic attachment capabilities to compatible iPads (preventing it from rolling off tables due to a flat edge), and support for gesture controls, allowing users to switch tools while using supported applications. However, these enhancements came at an increased price of $129, a $30 increment from the original Apple Pencil.

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