Application for setting up a computer club in your School:-EshoPoriBD

    Date: 20.08.2022


    The Principal

    Doyamir XYZ Collage


    Subject: Application for setting up a computer club in your school.


    With due respect sir, WE beg to state that we are in the students of your school. We are very much interested in learning computers. But we have no computer club in our school. But at present without learning computers we can not ever a day. Specially in the offices, industries, educational and commercial institutions, computers are a must. Though many students of science group have taken computer as their main subject they have no scope to practise computer. Other students in this form also want to be familiar with this revolutionary invention club.

    But they have not yet taken steps for setting up a computer club. We are also badly in need of an internet connection in computers as Bangladesh has entered the computer era and access to the internet. Our school does not have such facilities. People In such for their club circumstances i would request you to provide this facility in our school at the earliest school. Computer club in our school's memory for these other people is all good for their other man and teacher. Most students in all the club sectors at our favarite school must learn how to set up a computer club.

    So that we students may be benefited. Besides, then you must be some students who have taken computers as their compulsory subject. They do not have an opportunity to practice computer club school. But there is no computer lab in our school. We live in the age of science and we can not think of science without computers. Computer club is of great use in all sectors of life especially to the students. The students of the school are very interested in acorcing knowledge about computers. If a computer club is set up in our school many students will learn how to operate it. In their practical life they will be able to make best use of this knowledge.


    We therefore, Earnestly request you to set up a computer club in our school and oblige thereby. Hope that you would be kind enough to take steps for setting up a computer club to widen the herizon of our school. We pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary steps to set up a computer club in our school campus and oblige thereby.

    Yours Obediently,

    Md Raju Ahmed

    Class: Ten.

    Roll: 03

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